senseFly – eMotion

eMotion is the mission and management software for SenseFly eBee (Classic, + and X) and Albris systems.

From laptop or tablet it is possible to define the work area and all the parameters with a few clicks and then operate directly on the satellite image of the area of interest.

Each phase of flight planning is guided through an intuitive and complete interface. The parameters entered during the design phase can be changed at any time of the mission: even shortly before take-off or during the flight, it is possible to suspend the planned operations and introduce changes to the flight height, the covering or the direction of the strips.

During the flight of the APR, eMotion displays the flight parameters to allow the pilot to know at any time the data of speed, altitude, attitude, battery autonomy, wind speed etc.

Thanks to the planning of the mission with eMotion, the pilot can focus his attention on the safety conditions of the flight and landing and, if necessary, by sending directly from the software the quick commands that serve to face any critical situations that could occur and that require , for example, the suspension of the mission and the immediate landing.

For models that have the RTK option, eMotion manages the data flow from the GNSS base or from the network of permanent stations to eBee using the same 2.4 Ghz radiomodem that allows the dialogue between software and APR.