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SenseFly S.O.D.A   Micasense RedEdge-Mx Multispectral Camera for senseFly eBeeX

SenseFly Micasense RedEdge-MX is a small, robust and precise multispectral camera, which represents a very important implementation for senseFly eBee X, making it the best performing fixed-wing SAPR available on the market to perform in-depth analysis activities in precision agriculture. SenseFly Micasense RedEdge-MX is a high-performance instrument able to capture both spectral bands that determine crop health indices (green, red, red edge e near-infrared), and the blue band for more specific in-depth analysis, in addition to composite RGB images.

senseFly eBee X is the world’s leading fixed-wing drone, able to mapp hundreds of acres in 90 minutes of a single flight and with this important integration senseFly has released the most performing solution very appreciated by farmers, agronomists and researchers, who know as well as an in-depth and high-resolution data on crops, represents the key to efficiency in decision-making processes.

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sesnsefly SODA

SenseFly S.O.D.A

senseFly S.O.D.A. is a camera designed specifically for professional photogrammetric drone jobs, SODA is able to capture very sharp high resolution aerial images in RGB format, allowing to produce detailed orthophotos (also with mosaic) and high precision digital surface models

SenseFly Corridor

The new senseFly Corridor adapter is a combined hardware and software solution that greatly simplifies data collection since it allows you to rotate the senseFly S.O.D.A. in a longitudinal position for greater mapping efficiency. senseFly Corridor is compatible with any eBee Plus or eBee RTK that carries a S.O.D.A.

SenseFly S.O.D.A. 3D

senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D is a photogrammetry camera that can change its balance during the flight in order to capture 3 types of images: two oblique (30 °) and one nadiral, greatly increasing the angle of view (FOV)

  • senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D allows a better 3D reconstruction of vertical surfaces (urban contexts, cliffs, rocky slopes, etc.)
  • Increase ground coverage up to 500 ha for 122 m flight height (with Endurance Extension)

SenseFly AERIA X

Compact camera for photogrammetry, perfect for those who require high definition RGB data

  • APS-C sensor with electronic shutter
  • Recording of georeferencing parameters in the image file
  • Resolution 24MP

SenseFly Sequoia +

Sequoia+ is the smallest and lightest multispectral sensor ever released. This sensor captures images through four distinct spectral bands (even with wavelengths different from visible light), as well as RGB images. In this way is collected a wide range of data which allows all the information necessary to monitor and evaluate the state of vegetation and crops in a precise and timely manner in a single flight. It is possible to perform the radiometric calibration of the sensor to achieve excellent repeatability and reliability of the data collected.


Duet T

senseFly Duet T is a professional camera with double sensor, thermal and visible, for thermal mapping applications. This Dual Camera is ideal for creating high resolution, geo referenced and extremely precise thermal maps.

  • Frame camera

  • 2 high-performance cameras: 1 infrared thermal chamber, 1 senseFly S.O.D.A. RGB

  • Images harmonized thanks to (CPS) Camera Position Synchronisation technology