Parrot introduces ANAFI THERMAL

Torino, 15 Aprile 2019

AEMME SURVEYING announces the introduction of Parrot Anafi Thermal.


Anafi Thermal confirms the will of Parrot Business Solution to establish itself in the professional segment, with drones that are technically advanced, easy to manage with affordable prices.

It is now clear that in the coming years the market will be driven by drones with advanced technical features, capable of providing highly professional solutions, but with a total weight of less than 800 gr. At least this is the idea of the Parrot Business Solution, which has equipped its highly successful Anafi model (weight just over 300 grams) with a 120×160 thermal resolution sensor, within the same group that integrates the RGB camera 4K 21R HDR.

From today with Parrot Anafi Thermal it will be possible for the technicians who work in many sectors of industry, construction, hydraulics and electricity, to detect changes, thermal dispersions or infiltrations, which could cause major damage.