senseFly Pix4D

Pix4D’s advanced photogrammetry software uses the images captured by drones to generate 3D models and maps, such as professional orthomosaics, point clouds, 3D models and more, perfect for urban planning – land modeling – large-scale cartography – mine surveys – forensic relief and crime scenes – BIM – precision agriculture – management of real estate assets etc. …

The new Vers. 4.3. of Pix4D mapper ensures 25% faster initial processing in all large projects.

Pix4D mapper 4.3 offers significantly faster processing than Pix4D mapper 4.2, with initial processing times reduced by an average of 15%.

The results were obtained from a careful analysis of the Pix4D performance improvement by comparing the duration of the initial processing for a wide range of projects of different sizes (number of images) and type of images: RBG and multispectral.