senseFly – eBee RTK

Main features

  • Wingspan 96cm
  • Weight 700g
  • Camera 18MP
  • Maximum flight time 40 minutes
  • Cruise speed 40-90km/h
  • Wind resistance up to 45km/h
  • Radio link range up to 3km
  • Maximum coverage (single flight) up to 8 km2
  • Linear Landing
  • Oblique imagery

The senseFly eBee Plus survey drone is a large-coverage photogrammetric mapping system

senseFly ebee RTK acquires aerial frames for the production of orthophoto and 3D models with accuracy better than 3 cm without the need of ground control points (GCP) which means less time in field and high precision even in the most inaccessible places.

senseFly eBee RTK is equipped with an L1 / L2 GNSS receiver able to determine the centimeter positioning of the drone in real time (using the correction data provided by the base station on the ground or by the permanent station networks) and is compatible with most of the existing GNSS systems.

senseFly ebee RTK is an very flexible system and can be configured to work:

  • Local base, known position

  • Local base, unknown position

  • Virtual reference station

To launch senseFly eBee RTK just insert the wings into the body of the instrument, shake it 3 times to activate the motors and launch it in the air! The autopilot, during the flight, continuously analyzes the data coming from the inertial measurement unit (IMU) and from the on-board GPS to check the APR setup.

The intuitive software eMotion by SenseFly greatly simplifies the planning and simulation of the flight mission. Just import a map of the work area and define the area you want to cover, specifying the desired ground resolution. eMotion automatically generates a complete flight plan for eBee RTK, calculating the flight height to be maintained and displaying its trajectory.

The exact coordinates of the base can be entered, if they are known, or the approximate ones. If the differential corrections are received from a network of permanent stations, eMotion can manage the connection according to the NTRIP protocol and send the data to the eBee RTK via senseFly modem connected to the controller via USB.