Agreement Visual Drone & AEMME SURVEYING

Torino, 01/03/2019

AEMME SURVEYING Itaian distributor of senseFly and Parrot Business Solution, is proud to announce that starting from March 1st 2019 VISUAL DRONE SNC has become our agency and training and support center for south-central Italy for senseFly and Parrot Business systems Solution.

VISUAL DRONE is an Italian excellence in Mapping and Precision Farming, a young and dynamic company that explains how to use innovative tools and skills in order to optimize agricultural production by analyzing the state of crops and how to support design activities through the APR Systems.

For any needs related to SenseFly eBee, SenseFly eBeeX and Parrot Bluegrass VISUAL DRONE is your point of reference for central-southern Italy, all references on the site

SenseFly, designs and produces in Switzerland professional fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones designed to provide maximum precision and safety during aerial inspections. The senseFly professional drones allow you to manage the work, from flight planning to the management of collected data, completely automatically.

Parrot Business Solutions is a leader in the development of professional solutions in various industrial sectors thanks to its range of cutting-edge technological products. Parrot’s experience in aerial photogrammetry and data processing allows to provide customers with tools to optimize resource management.